Life Is Illusion...

"Life is Illusion that feels all too real. All of the things that we see and we feel. Are only illusions of our inner mind. We all have vision, but most are blind. So open your heart, and feel your way through. Life is not what you say you will do. Life is in action, the choices you take. So kindly heed, the chioces you make." - Beatrice Pitocco

IllusionPhotograph is a passion project of Beatrice Pitocco. Selling colorful photoart, prints, phone cases and other products showcasing the artistic photographs taken along the way. Combined with works of poetry, thoughts, and other musings.

Have a Heart

Our best selling phone case; Have a Heart Phone Case for iPhone & Samsung is a bright and colorful design, showcasing a photograph taken in Florence, Italy. Over 1,000 sold. Get yours today.

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Write Your Story.

Choose from some of our colorful hard covered notebooks to write your own story.

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In Spirit...

I am in spirit, and thus I'm inspired. I live in a world that is ravaged, and on fire. Where life makes no sense, and sense is not made. Where I am perpetually, confused and afraid. But in spirit I rise, inspired I roam. I try to uphold, my beliefs, what I know. And though some would argue and enemies I make. I will never mute myself for your sake. My beliefs are the only possession I own. And it is worth more to me than any silver or gold. For God is my savior, and my life he does hold. In spirit I rise, and inspired I roam. - Beatrice Pitocco