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Terra Thread Organic Fair Trade Bags

Terra Thread Fair Trade Organic Backpacks
Terra Thread is our newest partner site - a fair trade company that is socially conscious.  Their bags are made for individuals & businesses who want to make conscious purchases that positively impact the lives of farmers & workers and the well-being of planet Earth.
Sustainable Gym bag
In keeping with our eco-friendly and sustainable partnerships, we are happy to partner with Terra Thread.  Terra Thread is a socially conscious company doing great things, and IllusionPhotograph is happy to work with them.  Their mission is To create affordable and durable organic & Fairtrade cotton bags and accessories for individuals, businesses, and non- profits that make the world a better place by always being sustainable, ethical, traceable, and transparent.
In addition here is yet another company that chooses to give back!  Each purchase of a Terra Thread product gives back to Feeding America. Through Feeding America, they are able to donate meals to underprivileged children, families, and seniors in the United States.
Their mission aligns with IllusionPhotograph's mission of giving back!  Every purchase of a unique and colorful phone case donates $5.00 back to the children of Peru!  So check out Terra Thread and don't forget to check out Inkkas Peruvian Shoes as well!

Every Case Donates!

Every Case Donates! Every purchase donates $5.00 back to support children's charities.

Free Shipping

Free Shipping on Orders over $70.00 in value! Buy one for you and one for a friend!

Unique Phone Cases

The most unique phone cases available online! You won't find more colorful phone cases anywhere!