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Living Heart

Living Heart is a charity that is near and dear to our hearts.  Having traveled out to Peru in 2017, it is our goal to bring color to the lives of children living in some of the most impoverished and remote areas of Peru.  For every sale made on, a percentage of each sale will be donated back to Living Heart

 "I traveled to Peru at a time of life when nothing was right; it is true that compared to most, I am fortunate in all aspects of life.  However, every life, has moments of despair.  Every life, has moments of abandonment.  Every life, has a desire to be examined.  It was in such a time, that I traveled to Peru.  I won't say I found myself; the search is not over.  But what I did find, was a renewed sense of unknown self.  The rhythm, the colors, the people of this country, were simple in their kindness.  And gentle kindness was all I've ever sought out of life; Thank you Peru.  For you, I will continue to work hard, to offer the simple things I've taken for granted." - Beatrice Pitocco 


RHYTHMS OF PERU from Nathaniel Connella on Vimeo.



After a troubling year end in 2016, I searched for an opportunity to get outside of myself, to truly give back.  Through grace, I met Living Heart Peru, and asked if I could help.  With a resounding yes, I set out build a library for the children.  In May 2017, I traveled to Peru, where I connected with a company that donated rainboots to over 300 children, I raised, over $1,000 and shipped out boxes of books.  Now I want to expand on my work with this deserving charity.  My goal is to raise $150,000 for the charity so that we can bring in much needed doctors, and dentists, as well, as educational tools and materials.  The people being helped by LHP are some of the poorest, yet some of the most giving I've ever met.  Follow my Journey and lets help to make some difference in the lives of everybody we meet.  My mantra in life, is that when your heart breaks, pick up the pieces and give pieces of your heart to everyone you meet.


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