Inkkas Shoes - Made in Peru

Inkkas Peruvian Made Shoes

Inkkas shoes - unique and colorful shoes made in Peru by Peruvian artisans and using the colorful textiles famous in Peru.  These shoes align with the strategic goal that IllusionPhotograph has which is to support the children of Living Heart.  Our goal aligns perfectly with these colorful Peruvian shoes and we could not be happier to be partnered with them!

Every Purchase of an Inkkas Shoe plants one tree!  

As of 2020, Inkkas has:

• planted over 257,000 trees and
• offset a total of 14,898 metrictons of carbon (CO2) in out environment!*

According to the EPA, 14,898 metric tons of CO2 emissions equates to:

• 37,000,000 miles driven by the average vehicle or
• 1,675,000 gallons of gasoline or
• 16,500,000 pounds of coal burned or
• 1,900,000,000 numbers of iPhones charged

Inkkas Brown Leather
Cyprus High Top Inkkas
Peruvian Jogger Inkkas
Frida Slide

Bad Ass Slide Inkkas

Smart Ass Slide for Men/Women

Cusco Low Top Inkkas Shoe

Slate High Tops for Kids

Children's Peruvian High Top

Blake Slip on for Kids Inkkas shoes

Children's Peruvian Slide



Peruvian JoggersOur partnership with Inkkas is a special one.  IllusionPhotograph is always looking for products that align with our message, and we have found that partner in Inkkas.  Their Peruvian Jogger is a classic example of Peruvian craftsmanship at its finest - and for every purchase made, Inkkas will plant a tree - they are truly a company that is giving back;  both providing local Peruvian artisans with work and also doing what is right by the environment.  Please visit Inkkas today, purchase one of the most unique products you may find and do your part in helping our society with a gift that gives back!