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COVID-19 Policy - IllusionPhotograph

October 14, 2020

Covid19 has had a profound effect on our shipping.  We are doing our best to our best and to ensure shipping happens quickly however, please note that all of our products are Made To Order, and some are shipping from Europe or Asia which may delay shipping.

Please note that all of our "TOUGH CASES" are manufactured and shipped from the USA - shipment to US Orders are happening within 7-10 days from purchase.

All other products are made overseas, and shipping time has varied from 12-24 days after production (usually 5-7 business days).


Our Customer Support email reply time is about one day, but we mostly reply much sooner. For any concerns, please contact us at

Thank you for your patience and for reading.

Remember to take care of your own health. Check the guidelines and current updates from the World Health Organization and Center of Disease and Control Prevention for staying safe during the pandemic.