About the Artist

Beatrice Pitocco

I don't know who it is that I am.  And I likely will never really know.  The beauty lies not knowing.  It is the only way in which I will grow.  I've always just wanted to belong.  But I'm awkward and never know what to say.  So I take pictures and write how I feel.  For me this is the easiest of ways.  To explain what is inside of my mind.  Because words never really do suffice. To know who you are, is the most difficult task.  But find yourself, is my only advice.  It hurts me to love other people.  I seem to get much too attached.  And I choose the ones, who don't feel the same.  And my heart gets more bruised and more scratched.  So I go, and leave all the time.  Disappearing is my favourite game.  I go where I'm called, and where I am unknown.  Where my sanity once again, I reclaim.