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The Human Condition

Posted by Beatrice Pitocco on
The Human Condition
The human condition is a funny thing
Criticizing others shortcomings
But rarely do any of us look within
To see our faults and our own sin
The mastered soul is the same you see
He has just begun awakening
To blame himself instead of you
It’s something he knows that he must do
So here it goes, my awakened heart
Confessing secrets from the start
I’ve been nasty in heart and soul
I’ve said things never said before
I’ve hated others who’ve hurt me I know
And I repent for falling so far, so low
My confusions have caused so much pain
My feelings always kept in vain
And though I would apologize
Some things you just can not make right
I’m imperfect and I react
I have said things with little tact
I give too much because it’s all I know
And expect love, in exchange, I now suppose
I’ve forced my way, and didn’t hear
What others said, on how they feel
I assumed too much, and wasn’t sure
How to speak my mind, making things obscure
I’ve felt the victim and said as much
I made snap judgements and was quick to rush
I’ve been impatient and I’ve been direct
I’ve been muted, I’ve been obsessed
I tried my best with the little I knew
But it wasn’t enough to get me through
And with a bleeding heart and a tired soul
I rest my eyes, and make peace my goal
To hurt no one is all I want
It’s what I wanted from the start
I’ve been wrong, but I implore you to listen
My frailty is part of the human condition.

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