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Thailand Travel - Canvas Wall Art inspired by Phi Phi Island

PhiPhi Island photos photos of Phi Phi Island Thailand Art Thailand Beach Thailand Wall art Wall art thailand

Thailand is a magical place.  It is a place that speaks of beauty in a way that is indescribable.  Having traveled to Thailand in the fall of 2016, the beauty and majesty of Thailand is something one must see to believe.  Travel inspired PhotoArt has been a passion since early 2015.  It because interesting to me to take pictures with my iPhone to all of the unique places I traveled.  Having traveled all across Canada, The United States and internationally, what dawned on me was the beauty and uniqueness of every place I found myself in.  And what I loved more than anything, was to pronounce the beauty of any and all of these places through wonderful color.  I live my life in color, my art depicts that.  Unique and colorful wall art is what I create for myself, and in sharing my works of art, I hope to inspire others, with color and vigor in their own daily, and sometimes, gray, life.

One of the most unique places I have traveled to has been Thailand.  The smells, the people, the culture, and the color, was unlike anything I'd seen.  So much so that I created several pieces of art throughout my travels.'s Limited Edition Print, depicts quintessential Phi Phi Island.   The artistic photo art is beautifully illustrates the colors and peacefulness of the South East Asian Island.  It is relaxing and offers respite as you look at it, after a busy day.

Our Kiss the Sky Work of Art depicts the romanticism of the beauty and inspiration for love and peach that Thailand was able to offer.  If you don't have the ability to visit this wonderful country, you can marvel in it's spectacular beauty through our unique works of canvas art for your walls, your home or office.

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