Smart Phone Cases that Give Back

Smartphone cases are things we don't really think about.  But if we did, we'd realize that a smartphone case is something that 90% of all Smart phone users have or need.  Personally I like the wallet case style of case.  I like a wallet case because it makes it easier to carry essentials when I don't need to carry a purse.  Additionally I like being able to cover the entire phone, encapsulated in a safer case.  With that in mind, IllusionPhotograph has designed a plethora of unique cases for all sorts of makes and models.  We support iPhone (including the new iPhone 11 models), Android, including Samsung and Google Pixel Models, as well as Huawei and Xiamoi - up and coming mobile phone brands.  The artwork we use is primarily images taken with a smartphone camera, enhanced to show vibrancy and color!  And every single purchase made on IllusionPhotograph donates a portion back to support the efforts of Living Heart - our goal is to keep making cool products that are colorful and unique and speak to individual taste and style.

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