Write Your Story...

Write your own story.  We all have one, and so perhaps this is an excerpt of my own.  I suppose it happens to everyone, doesn't it. That moment, which comes without any real warning- where there isn't any more desire, to achieve, or to become. Where you stop asking menial questions about why things happen. Where people enter your life and try too much, while others don't try nearly enough. And regardless of their effort, you seem to be standing still while the world engulfs you. The moment you realize that your greatest relationship has been with a dog, and though you joke about, it does make you wonder. When you realize how meaningless and how meaningful life is, and wonder about the complexity of such a thought. That moment comes when all you'd like to do is scream at the top of your lungs to portray in the only way you think is possible of the absurdity of this life; and yet, you keep the screams to a whisper, which becomes the voice inside your own mind who speaks to you of letting go. I suppose it happens to all of us, doesn't it. When we tire of trying to be anything, and find solace in simple walks, and beautiful songs. Where we endure what we have, and try our best to do it with a smile. Because what else can we do? The moment does come, when we realize that we never really mattered did we?; but that thought is quickly erased by realizing the impermanence of everything in this world; and how even the most meaningless things find a place somewhere, and are useful in their own way. And I suppose the day will come when we all realize that the only things that matter, is love and forgiveness. Everything else ends doesn't it? But love is all that ever remains.

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