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3 Reasons Why Using Your iPhone Without A Case is Not a Good Idea

Posted by Beatrice Pitocco on
3 Reasons Why Using Your iPhone Without A Case is Not a Good Idea

So you are thinking that you don't need an iPhone Case?  Think again.  It is a bade idea using an iPhone without a case.  Here are some top reasons why.

1.  iPhone's or any mobile phone, including Samsung phones are extremely expensive.  Why would you risk your investment by not ensuring that your iPhone is protected?  Accidental drops can damage your phone, especially your screen.  On average, the cost to fix a damaged screen is upwards of $200.  Why not invest a quarter of that into a case that can protect your iPhone.


2.  Everyone's phone looks the same!  I can't tell you how many times I've picked up the wrong iPhone, thinking it was my own.  Have a cool iPhone Case or cool Samsung case to distinguish your phone from the others, is always a good idea.  Especially when there are so many cool iPhone cases to choose from here on - You will not find our case designs (or replica's) ANYWHERE else but online.


3.  It's a fashion accessory!  Not since shoes or lipstick shades do you have a more talked about fashion accessory!  You can match your iPhone case to your look of the day, or your style of the month!  Whatever the "case" (pun intended), you can stand out and exemplify your own individual look and feel with a cool and colorful iPhone case, while also protecting it.

Check out our Tough Phone Cases for iPhone & Samsung -  $5.00 from every purchase is donated back to support displaced communities in Peru.  Read more about our mission here.

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