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Cool phone cases for iPhone 8 plus that Give Back

Posted by Beatrice Pitocco on
Cool phone cases for iPhone 8 plus that Give Back

Colorful phone cases that give back. is the passion project of Beatrice Pitocco.  Beatrice traveled to Peru back in 2017 and was taken aback by the challenging environment that the children in Peru were facing.  She met with Living Heart Peru director Sophia Io, to better understand the situation and how she could help.  It was clear that these children and communities were marginalized communities, high up in the Andes (above the Sacred Mountain) and that these communities needed a lot of help.  Beatrice decided to take some of her photographs, and created colorful and artistic phone cases, and decided that she would donate $5.00 from every purchase made online back to Living Heart Peru.  In addition, Beatrice asked the children to draw pictures, and she turned the children’s drawings into phone cases that make great gifts that give back.  You can find these cases in our Living Heart Collection.  The phone case project effectively became IllusionPhotograph. offers unique, artistic iPhone cases and Samsung cases that have a purpose.  Every single design is unique and makes the greatest gift for anyone seeking unique gifts.  We offer several different phone cases, although our most popular is our iPhone and Samsung Tough Cases.  Our Have a Heart Tough Case for iPhone and Samsung is our best seller!  These premium and durable hard polycarbonate phone cases with inner rubber liner protect your phone from bumps and drops while maintaining a slim, sleek profile.  Our Tough Phone Cases are all Printed in & shipped from the USAOur Wallet Cases are second most popular with over 50 phone models supported these cases offer functionality and protection for your mobile phone.  The beautiful thing is that every time you purchase an iPhone Case online, or Samsung Case online we donate $5 from that purchase back to LivingHeart Peru – the money we’ve donated so far has been transformative for the communities in Peru that we support.  We have been able to help provide food, and water as well as PPE during the Covid19 crisis.  This has meant the world to some of the community leaders and members.  Additionally we are launching an old iPhone drive, asking our customers and the public at large for iPhones and Samsung or any other mobile phone that is on hand and not being used.  We are hoping to donate these to the communities and particularly the children of Peru so that they can learn online while the Covid19 Pandemic ravages everyday normalcy for these isolated communities.  Our iPhone and Samsung Cases are the perfect “gift that gives back” and for a limited time, our most popular case (the Have a Heart Tough Case) has an automatic 25% discount at checkout.  How wonderful to purchase a birthday or Christmas gift that provides something for someone else.  Please support us, and learn why this is the most important phone case you will buy!



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