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3 Reasons Why Home Decor is So Important in 2020

Posted by Beatrice Pitocco on
3 Reasons Why Home Decor is So Important in 2020 | Illusion Photograph

Oh what a year 2020 has been.  It's not a surprise that we are all spending much more quality time with our homes these days.  It has become a refuge from what is now a global pandemic.  And in the midst of this pandemic, many people are now looking at their homes, and realizing the importance of ensuring that their home is comforting, and vibrant, and colorful - no one likes to look at a blank wall.  That is why we believe that home décor is so important than ever before.  Here are 3 reasons we believe this to be true.


1.  Home is where we are in 2020.  Literally.  We are all working from home, staying at home, spending much more time than usual staring at our walls.  It's important that your walls speak to you, make you feel something considering we are all having a relationship with our homes at the moment.  We need to brighten up this dark period of time, hence's wall art.  Our unique home décor, and wall art is so beautiful and brightens up a living room, or office with very colorful, and travel inspired photography (that is all original) to make any room brighter and happier.

2.  Conversation starts with cool art.  Yep, that's true.  Imagine having some very cool art/photoart in your living room, or office- wouldn't it be nice to have a conversation about where that photo was taken or how colorful it makes the room?  All of our Canvas Wall Décor is unique, each photograph taken by @illusionphotograph- and interestingly, almost all were taken with iPhone photography.  What a conversation piece that would be...


3.  White walls do not inspire creativity.  We're big proponents of creativity.  Our home décor wall art, really should inspire creativity in your home.  Aside from brightening up these dreary 2020 days, our unique and colorful home décor can spur innovation and creativity with its' colorfulness and aesthetic appeal.  These are some pretty cool pieces, and don't miss your chance to purchase one today!

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