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3 Reasons to buy gifts that give back in 2020

Posted by Beatrice Pitocco on
3 Reasons to buy gifts that give back in 2020


Giving back is important, especially in today’s day and age when the world is going through so much difficulty and challenge.  With the global pandemic of 2020, Covid 19 has negatively affected many communities around the world.  There are some communities that are even more so impacted due to the fact that they were marginalized even before the pandemic hit.  One such community resides in the highlands of Peru, above the Sacred Valley.  The Quechua people of Peru have been marginalized and displaced for many years.  Their communities are in areas that are extremely remote and have little access to things that are considered essential such as healthcare, education and proper nutrition.  That is why IllusionPhotograph has been giving back since it started.  Our wonderfully made iPhone Cases and Samsung Cases are not only colorful, and unique, but every time a case is purchased online, we donate $5.00 to Living Heart Peru, to support these communities.  Gifts that give back make amazing gifts for family, friends and love ones, because not only is their gift something thoughtful, but it is also doing something to benefit others.  Here are 3 reasons why this Christmas, it’s important to purchase a gift that gives back:


  1. Christmas gifts are about the spirit of giving.  By purchase an iPhone case as a unique stocking stuffer, not only are you giving a gift but you are giving the children of Peru a special note of recognition by acknowledging them, and becoming aware of their daily challenges.  A gift that gives back offers 2 gifts – one to the recipient and another to someone somewhere that truly needs some help.  Buying a Tough Case for iPhone or Samsung through IllusionPhotograph gives you a ‘feel good’ moment where you can give your recipient a truly unique and colorful case and also a child hope.
  2. We spend hundreds of dollars online – it’s so important that you choose companies that are socially aware and conscious. Giving a gift that gives back like our iPhone tough case or MacBook covers ensures that your dollars are stretched farther and go on to do good.
  3. Becaue it’s the right thing to do, and heck, it feels good. Buying from a company that gives back gives you a good feeling and also provides a great story for your receiver.  Gift giving with a purpose is so important, especially in 2020.

Illusionphotograph has already been able to donate over $10,000 to Living Heart Peru, helping the community with simple things, like food, and education.  We also have an incredible collection that integrates drawings from the children of Peru as the artwork on our iPhone Tough cases and iPhone Wallet Cases.  Amazing gifts that give back in 2020 – shop iPhones cases online, and now our new MacBook laptop covers


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