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#1 Reason to use a Hard Shell for your MacBook (it's not what you think!)

Posted by Beatrice Pitocco on
#1 Reason to use a Hard Shell for your MacBook (it's not what you think!)

So you have just purchased a new MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air.  Congrats!  I love my MacBook and have been an avid Apple User (both fruit and technology) for a very long time.  Which is why I wanted to give you my #1 Reason to use a Hard Shell for your MacBook (it's not what you think!).

My first MacBook suffered an unfortunate fate, when I was rushing to leave home for a meeting and I dropped it.  I cracked the screen to my brand new laptop and I won't even go into detail about how much it cost (or how late I was trying not to be for my meeting).  

That is one of the reasons we have decided to introduce our super cool MacBook Hard Shell Cases, or Case protectors for MacBooks.   So here are some reasons whey we believe that a hard shell protector is super important for your MacBook (and trust us, the #1 reason isn't what you think!)


1.  Protect your investment

It's clear that purchasing a new MacBook is expensive , and can cost anywhere from $1000US to $3000US.  Why would you not insure your purchase with a case protector that is a fraction of that cost?  A Hard Shell case can protect your MacBook from drops and accidental spills as well as drops.  It will help keep your MacBook Safe for a longer time, making your investment a longer term one.


2.   Dust Control

You think that's a crazy reason right?  Think again.  A lawsuit was launched sometime ago alleging that dust damaged MacBooks and actually increased the likelihood of the motherboard overheating.  Dust damage of your computer is a real thing, and one that can be somewhat mitigated by simply adding a hard shell case around your laptop to protect it from those pesky dust mites.


AND, the #1 Reason you should invest in a HardShell Case for your MacBook....

(drum roll, please.....)



I know, it's vain, but aside from making your MacBook stand out from the crowd with eye-pleasing unique designs, it also allows you to distinguish your laptop from virtually dozens or thousands of others.  Knowing which computer is yours is a good thing, especially if you keep sensitive information on your laptop as we all do.  Take a look at some of these cool MacBook Pro hard shell cases today!  


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