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Why You should Purchase a Unique, Artistic Phone Case

Why You should Purchase a Unique, Artistic Phone Case

Beatrice Pitocco
6 minute read

You’re on the market to purchase a new phone or laptop. You might be thinking: I already have the expense of paying for the actual device; why should I spend more for an artistic phone case if I don’t need one?

Think you don’t need a phone or laptop case? Think again. If you want to extend the life of that expensive device you just bought, purchasing colorful cases for your prized possession is about more than wrapping it in a decorative layer of silicone. Below are all of the reasons why you should protect your phone or laptop with a case.


 Yes, phone cases can look cool, cute, pretty, or bold, whatever suits your taste– there are some pretty cool cases for iPhone 11 and our new iPhone 12 phone cases (new arrivals!!) on the market these days, for example. But at the same time, buying a phone or laptop case isn’t just about adding a pop of color to your new device. Our electronics undergo wear and tear throughout the years, and an artistic phone case can protect against much of that and keep your device looking brand-new.

For example, the edges of your laptop might get bumped and scraped. A case can protect against paint chips, repel fingerprints, and keep that laptop looking like it’s fresh from the factory after years of use. The oils from your skin also rub off on everything that you touch, so if you touch your devices daily, they’re going to get dirty– keep those electronics clean by protecting them with a case.


Hygiene is more important than ever in 2020. Your fingers pick up bacteria from every surface they touch, and you’re likely rubbing those germs all over your phone all day, every day. You can’t bathe your phone in disinfectant, unless it’s waterproof– but you can easily remove a plastic case and wipe it down with a disinfectant wipe. This ensures that your phone stays germ-free, and prevents you from spreading and harboring harmful bacteria on the one thing you put your hands on the most throughout the day.

Grip and Drop protection

You may not be the type of person who drops their phone often, but it does happen to the best of us at some point. Phones on the market these days are sleek and stylish, but they’re also slippery and thin, making them easily droppable. One drop on a hard surface can spell end times for your precious device.


Luckily, any phone case will offer a sturdier grip, and there are cool cases for iPhone 11 which will provide this as well as drop protection. Plastic and silicone are much easier to hold onto than the metal backing that most phones are constructed with. In addition, when you do inevitably drop your phone, a phone case will offer bump and drop protection to keep your screen safe from cracks, no matter what angle your phone falls at.

Now, you may think you’re in the clear as far as your laptop goes, as you don’t carry your laptop the way you carry around your phone. Think about this, though: has your laptop stayed put in one place from the moment you bought it? It probably hasn’t!

You move your laptop around when you’re carrying it from room to room, or even when you’re removing it from your bag at a coffee shop. Imagine if it were to slip from your hand as you took it from your bag, landing on the floor and shattering the screen– what a nightmare!

This is why a laptop case is a must-have. You likely paid a large chunk of your paycheck for that sleek device in front of you, and you wouldn’t want anything happening to it.

Dust and Dirt

Every single object in our home collects dust. Our electronics are no different. Over time, dust can build up in the tiniest of crevices on your phone or computer, causing wear, tear, and damage.

Think power buttons, volume buttons, and keyboards: these little areas all collect dust. You don’t want your power buttons or keys to begin to stick when you’re in the middle of an important project or phone call. Cases will keep dust, dirt, and even food crumbs (because who doesn’t eat at their computer these days?) away from your devices’ insides.

Spills and Water Damage

Speaking of eating at our computers– we all do it, and we all drink at our computers too, because we’re human and need to stay hydrated throughout the day. Unfortunately, being human also means that we can be a little clumsy at times.

We’ve all been there: we’re diving headfirst into an important work project, and suddenly, someone calls our name and startles us. We quickly turn around and, in the process, spill whatever beverage we were sipping on at the moment.

Hopefully, you’ve never had that liquid spill onto your laptop or phone– but if you have, I feel your pain. Laptop and phone cases can help protect against minor water damage (but they’re not infallible, so you probably still shouldn’t take your phone into the shower with you).


Contact with Whatever Else Lies in your Bag or Pocket

It’s true, some of us are tidier people than others, but it’s likely that we’ve all found mysterious items hidden in our bags or pockets at one time or another.

Pens, for example, can get lost in either of those places, and even worse, they can burst and spill ink everywhere. Or, perhaps you took a granola bar to work as a snack and forgot about it in your bag– that means crumbs leaking all over your computer.

To prevent those elements from coming into contact with your devices, use a case!

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