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The most important iPhone case you will buy

The most important iPhone case you will buy

Beatrice Pitocco
2 minute read

There are so many cool iPhone cases out there, online, but this might be the most important case you'll buy for your iPhone or Samsung phone. has made it our mission to continue supporting the children of Peruvian communities that are marginalized and displaced.  Since 2017, we have traveled and worked with these communities to support them financially through the sale of our colorful iPhone and artistic phone cases.  Why does that matter?  Well first off, we are a company that gives back.  We always have been and always will be.  We believe that providing for those less fortunate is not a gimmick but a way of business.  Secondly we are actually making a difference.  $5.00 may not sound like much money however, $5 can provide a school kit for one child for an entire year.  $100 can feed a child for one year.  Small dollars add up to big differences.  Our commitment is to keep supporting this community and to encourage growth through education initiatives.  Our goal is simple - provide amazing products, (including our unique and artisan phone cases) and support a worthwhile cause.


Our mission is what makes illusion photography cases the most important phone case, or accessory that you can buy!  You will spend thousands of dollars on your phone, why not showcase it (and protect it) with a phone case that is making a difference?  Check out all of our phone cases and we have some new arrivals, including MacBook Pro Hard Cases and timely artistic face masks that will protect you and get you through the Covid19 pandemic.  Help make a difference today! 


Our iPhone case provides a $5.00 give back, and although that doesn't seem like much, together with our loyal supporters we've raised close to $10,000 to date.  $5.00 provides school supplies for an entire year to a child in need.  This is truly the most important iPhone Case you can buy!

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