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Why our Frida Kahlo Case is the best

Why our Frida Kahlo Case is the best

Beatrice Pitocco
3 minute read

This is why our Frida Kahlo Case is the best!  First off, we have a Frida Kahlo case.  That's right, so for all of you Frida lovers, you can now support and celebrate her with our phone cases.   Who doesn't love her?  How could you not?  Frida Kahlo was an incredible artist, tortured some might say.  But she was poetic, in a way that few were.  She had much difficulty in her life, from disease, to accidents, to surgeries, and more.  And her insights, art and words reflect the definitive moods she was in.


Young Frida Kahlo Graffiti Wallet Case

Young Frida Kahlo Graffiti Wallet Case


Frida Kahlo lovers!  This is our Young Frida Kahlo Graffiti Wallet Case.  Taken on the streets of New York City, this wallet case is environmentally friendly, and is one of the coolest phone cases online.  Get it only online at...Read More


Why do I love Frida?  Well, Frida reminds me that the soul knows no barriers.  The soul emerges from it's body, from our bodies through art, and poetry.  I am a poet, and a photoartist.  I find that in times of turmoil or confusion in my own life, I turn toward art, of all kinds as a form of catharsis.  I lean into my love of expression, just as Frida Kahlo did her whole life.


Frida has been an inspiration to me, and to countless others, which is why I always look for her, and somehow, always find her.  Her works and words run deep, and she was not afraid of vulnerability, similar to myself.  She understood that although vulnerability looked like weakness, it was in fact strength.  Being strong enough to be able to tell a story, your story, without shame and with complete abandon.  As so, I have several Frida Kahlo cases available for the Frida Lover.  


Our Frida Kahlo Wallet Case supports over 50+ makes and models of phones.  Taken on the gritty streets of New York, I saw this image and instantly knew I needed to have her with me.  As a part of my photoartistic journey to find color and colorful images, she came to me (as she always does).


Our Simply Kahlo Tough Case, is a perfect strong case for both Samsung models and iPhones, including the new iPhone 12.  This was a picture I took at the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg Florida, while they were having a special Frida Kahlo exhibit.  It was incredible to see her works of art up close.


Lastly, our Frida Slim Case showcases Frida as she was in later life; photo art taken in West Hollywood as a part of a wall mural for a tattoo parlour - she always finds me wherever I seem to be.


Frida in New York City - Framed Canvas Art

Frida in New York City - Framed Canvas Art


Original photograph taken on the streets of New York - let Frida shine her light on any room in your home. Walls can display one's personality! These canvas with high quality print will always look as tight and flat as...Read More


We also offer Frida as a part of of our Canvas Art Series, where my original photoart is available for amazing home decor.  This piece is beautifully framed and would liven up any room in your house!  As Frida would say...

I hope the exit is joyful and I hope never to return.

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