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Peruvian Designs, phone cases by the Children of Peru

Peruvian Designs, phone cases by the Children of Peru

Beatrice Pitocco
3 minute read

Illusion Photography cases are by far some of the most artistic pictures cases that you will find online, but more than that, we provide Peruvian Designs, phone cases by the Children of Peru.

The goal of our website was always to provide a give back.  In truth it hasn't been easy; the costs associated with running any business can be costly, particularly in the year of Covid19.  But made it our goal to continue supporting the Children of Peru, by donating $5.00 from every case purchased online back to Living Heart Peru.  But an added bonus is that we have worked with the communities and the children of Peru, to provide beautifully designed cases, that are artistic and are genuine to the drawings made by the children living in some of the most remote communities above the Sacred Valley.

The idea behind these unique Peruvian designs phone cases was not only to provide a give back to support the efforts of Living Heart, but also, to allow the children to participate in their own betterment.  The idea of charity can be difficult to understand and in truth, most people do not want charity.  They want an opportunity to help themselves which is why we wanted to give the children of Peru an opportunity to provide them with the confidence to see their drawings as a part of a product line that is directly supporting their communities thus themselves.


Although poverty in Peru is on a steady decline, there are areas in the country that continue to have high poverty rates.  Some as high as 25-30%.  Most of the communities living in poverty have to deal with the issue of mobility and location; we support many of the Que’chua people, who live high above the Sacred Valley.  These communities are extremely remote and sometimes the children must walk anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour just to attend school.  The climate is harsh and does not allow for the growth of proper foods (mainly rice and potatoes), and many of the community members are unemployed.

It is these communities that we are continuing to assist.  To date IllusionPhotograph has donated well over $10,000 and our goal is aggressive.  From the onset we wanted to donate $150,000 to support these communities but that’s where we need your help.

If you are reading this clearly you find our mission interesting and so, here you will find a number of different products.  From Canvas Art to iPhone Cases to Samsung Cases to Wallet Cases and even MacBook Hard Shell Covers and Covid19 inspired face masks.  Every purchase made will donate $5.00 back to Living Heart, and to support the children.  To help even more, we encourage the purchase of one of our Peruvian Designed cases, that are decorated with the drawings of the children of these communities.  The encouragement the children will see from the purchase of their phone cases provides not only monetary relief but the ability for the children to feel that they are in fact making a difference in their own lives, and the lives of their community members.



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