Inkkas Peruvian Shoes using Peru Textiles

Inkkas Peruvian Shoes using Peru Textiles

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Inkkas Peruvian ShoesOur newest partner is Inkkas - These Peruvian Made Sneakers and fashion shoes align ever so nicely with the mission of IllusionPhotograph. Inkkas Peruvian Shoes were the perfect partner to the goals that we seek to accomplish. Not only is Inkkas a company that gives back, but all of their shoes are made by artisans, many of which reside in Peru, with authentic Peruvian textiles.

So why have we partnered? Well, firstly, every time you purchase a pair of shoes from Inkkas, they will plant a tree - to date, they have planted over 257,000 tress (as of 2020).  Incredible!  This initiative ties into our New Collection of biodegradable phone cases.  Our eco-friendly cases are made of PLA plant polymer with a bamboo binder. 

Additionally, Inkkas Shoes are started off with the love of Peru!  The company works from principles of fair trade and global philanthropy. That means their shoes are crafted with respect for the environment and the people who make them.

When Inkkas was founded in 2012, they originally partnered with skilled artisan shoemakers in Peru (in spanish, lovingly referred to as “buen zapateros") to create our first classic sneaker using authentic Peruvian textiles. And they honor their roots in Peru with their brand name, they have expanded to work around the world with highly-skilled and ethical partners to develop our product lines.

So check out Inkkas today, our valued partner, and learn more about their mission and what they are doing to change the world, through ethical and socially conscious products that are truly making a difference in the lives of many!

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Learn more about IllusionPhotograph and our continued work in Peru.  We continue to work hard to suppor the children of Living Heart Peru.  In 2020 we donated over $3,500 USD to support marginalized communities in the highlands of Peru!  Help us make a difference today!  Check out our colorful phone cases for iPhone, Samsung, our Wallet Cases and of course, our newest collection of Eco-Friendly phone cases.

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