Gifts that Give Back - Our picks for 2021

Gifts that Give Back - Our picks for 2021

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Gifts that give back are always a great gifting idea.  Why? Because with all of the choices we now how when purchasing, we should always ensure our purchasing power supports companies and organizations that are trying to do more than just churn a profit.  It is idealistic but if we made a concentrated effort, I believe that we can change the trajectory of all organizations to ensure that they are doing what's right for the world instead of what's right for their bottom line.  So here are our 2021 picks for gifts that give back.  

TOMS Shoes Gifts that Give Back No. 1 -TOMS Shoes

Toms are the epitome of the socially conscious company.  Toms Shoes have been known since January, 2006. Founder, Blake Mycoskie went to Argentina for vacation came back and had the idea of making a shoe company called 'Toms'. Ever since then there has been a company for when a pair of Toms shoes is sold, a pair goes to a child in need.


ROMA Boots - Gifts that Give Back

No. 2 - ROMA Boots

Similarly to TOMS, ROMA Boots is a company that is doing good for those in need.  The concept is similar - for any rain boot purchased ROMA will donate a pair of Rain Boots to Children in Need.




Inkkas Gifts that Give backNo 3. Inkkas Shoes

Inkkas are very much aligned with IllusionPhotograph, designing incredible shoes.  Founded in 2012, the company partnered with skilled artisan shoemakers in Peru (in spanish, lovingly referred to as “buen zapateros") to create their first classic sneaker using authentic Peruvian textiles.  Inkkas goes one further - in addition to providing the local communities with work, they plant a tree for every shoe that is purchased!  Incredible!


Those are just 3 of our top 2021 picks for companies doing more but do your research!  There are so many companies that are genuinely trying to do right in the world.  Of course, it goes to mention that we too, here at IllusionPhotograph are doing our part.  Our love of Peru and our dedication to the children (of Peru and around the world) will not waver or cease.  To date we have donated nearly $3500USD (as of 2020) to continue supporting the children of Living Heart.  And we continue to do our part.  Our goal is to work with Living Heart to build a Lending Library for the children living in the displaced communities above the Sacred Valley in Peru.  Education is one way to ensure that the cycle of poverty can end.  Check out some of our best selling cases including our most popular Have a Heart Case (now offered as a biodegradable case!)

Have a Heart Phone Case - Biodegradable Case

Have a Heart Phone Case - Biodegradable Case


Our Best selling Design is now Biodegradable!  Yes - the best place to find phone cases that are safe for the enviroment.  For the one you love our Have a Heart Case is eco-friendly and good!   Introducing the future...Read More

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